Why help us?

Our journey to Russia started in the wood-work shed at Brockwood Park School in the wilds of Hampshire England. This is the place where our boat was crafted by members of our community with patience and care.

When you enter it feels like you walked through the looking glass from wonderland and emerged in another dimension. You smell sawdust and tree oil. But instead of seeing Alice, you see Andrew, our inspired mentor of woodworking skills. You suddenly have gained superpowers to create anything you can think of, from a spoon to a house. Or for example, our 16 foot Martinicus Double Ender, which is at the heart of our mission to sail to Russia this summer through the canals and rivers of Europe.

Any amount you can donate will be a step to reaching our goal. We aim to raise 8000 pounds. The material costs will be reimbursed with the balance going to our magical WoodWork barn to continue to create fantastic projects like this one. We are working toward raising an additional 4000 pounds to launch us in the end of June on the trip to northern coast of Black Sea.

Please help us make this possible by donating money, Buying the boat, or spreading the wordAny amount of money or help is much appreciated.

If you have any questions or want to make a donation via bank transfer, then email us.

Thank you very much! Contact:

things that we need for our trip, that you can buy.

Send to: Brockwood Park School
Brockwood Park, Bramdean
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